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Showreel containing work throughout 2022 and 2023. I acted as animator in all included projects and art director/visual developer in a majority.


Handmade is an animated short that follows a journey of self-discovery of a trans man. Making a doll acts as a metaphor for remaking himself.

During this project I acted as art director and animator, this was a collaboration with Nicole Lewis.


Project in progress.

A Kaukas is a creature from Lithuanian mythology, known for being a helpful spirit. This animated short aims to introduce a wider audience to less known aspects of Lithuanian culture. Inspired by Ralph Bakshi, I am using rotoscope techniques to create a unique look for this story.

What is a Kaukas?

This short is an exploration of the relationship between queer and national identity and how it relates to celebrating pride. Characters with different backgrounds compare their experiences in a colorful, childish world, juxtaposing a serious topic to the inner desire for pride to be safe and easy for everyone.


Best viewed though a AR app made for this project, this short was made during the lockdown, when everything was closed. We wanted to reminisce about the good times we had going out in Rotterdam and the Maassilo was a place that we could honor in such a project. Rotoscope was used to create a dreamy environment reminiscent of the mind bending quality of loud music, strong drinks and good company.

The Maassilo Project

Designed, filmed and animated in the span of two-weeks, Something in the Way is a story about overcoming trauma. I designed and animated the little girl, Beanie.

Something In the Way

Other Projects

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